Tree Trimming

Whether it’s to improve or view or avoid potential disaster, tree trimming is essential to the health and well being of your trees. Many hazardous trees are beyond the reach of an average ladder which is where we come in. With 3 boom trucks on the road we can reach heights of up to 75′.

Tree Pruning & Shaping

Do you have large trees on your property that require a little strategic pruning?  Either to improve the health of the tree or even improve your view?  Tree pruning done properly is one of the best things you can do for your trees. We specialize in pruning all types and sizes of trees including fruit trees, decorative trees, privacy hedges and more.  With a quick visit to your property, we will be able to tell you which trees are of concern, why, and how to best prune them for healthier, better-looking trees.

Dangerous Tree Removal

Large, mature trees can add beauty to any landscape but they can also pose a threat to your property, people and even pets if left unattended.  Trees that have not been trimmed properly, are dangerously tall or unhealthy pose a risk to your property, or worse, your neighbour’s! When you choose to work with Clean Cuts Tree Service for your dangerous tree removal project you’re choosing to work with a team of skilled professionals. We will assess the situation, identify the hazards and provide you with the safest way to handle the trees.

Hedge Trimming

Does your hedge have a mind of its own? Are you losing precious sunlight because of it? Let us help you reign your hedge back into a uniform shape and a state that will be easier to manage moving forward.

Stump Grinding

Looking to start a garden? If you would like to reclaim the space previously occupied by a tree, we can grind most stumps down to about 10″-14″ below grade and remove a great deal of the large roots as well. 

Lot Clearing

Preparing to build on your newly purchased lot? Need space for your dream garden? Maybe you’d like to take advantage of a view?  We specialize in lot clearing services for contractors, builders, homeowners and property owners.  If you have one or several large trees that need to be removed or cleared from your property without the use of heavy equipment, we can help.